Identity Fundamantals

  • It is usually right in front of you
  • Discovering it need not take years
  • It needs to be perfect enough, not perfect.
  • It is a chicken and egg situation - Your Idenity drives your actions. Your actions create your identity.
  • It is Transformative, not fixed.

Description of IDW

Ever heard of identity crisis? It happens even to the best of us – to individuals or companies.
Everyone knows about having a vision, mission and milestones. These are outward projections. Your identity is an inward view of the essence of your organization. If you are unclear on your identity, your purpose will always be shallow and will fail to guide you when you need navigation.

Your company is a collection of people. By understanding what motivates them, what they stand for, and what they dislike, you can derive a simple, yet profound identity statement. This identity statement will capture who you are as an organization and inspire real motivation. Real motivation is that which comes from within. The source of the word motivation is “motive”, meaning purpose. Clarity on your identity can invigorate a renewed sense of purpose in existing employees and entice the most sought-after talent to want to be a part of your organization’s success story.

The Identity Discovery workshop will take you through a series of activities to help reveal your identity statement. Whether you are discovering your identity, reviewing your identity, or rediscovering it, our Identity Discovery workshop is for you.

Small Story on how it came out to be

How we leverage Small Story on how it came out to be critical thinking and visual models to get to your identity statement Should be about the value there is in being clear on your identity Read More....