Success Beyond the Next Quarter

So many times, organizations having great potential get stuck in the corporate version of “live for the weekend“.

Such short term focus leads to massive negative impacts over the course of the organization’s lifetime.

For you and your organization, iResilience has designed a set of innovative solutions that can make your company become what it has the potential to be.

Success Origins Workshops

Articulate the Goals for real success. Explore the Principles to make success last. Learn the Strategy to attain your success.

Identity Discovery Workshop

Designed for companies that have lost their purpose or learn that the original purpose no longer serves them.

Problem Discovery

Going beyond the latest and loudest syndrome to articulate the problems that plague your company.

Solution Discovery

Finding solutions that work beyond the boardrooms and conference rooms. Solutions that have real buy-in.

Executive Coaching

Break through the barriers that stand in your way so that you can define and navigate the success for yourself and your company.

Success Origins

Navigating your organization to success with GPS


Set worthy goals with
success canvas


Create lasting success with
eight principles


Get the strategy to scale new
heights with success stairway

Identity Discovery Workshop

"Vision means nothing without first being clear on your
organization's identity"

- Andrew Bycroft

Your identity is an inward view of the essence of your organization. If you are unclear on your identity, your purpose will always be shallow and will fail to guide you when you need navigation.

The Identity Discovery workshop will take you through a series of activities to help reveal your identity statement. Whether you are discovering your identity, reviewing your identity, or rediscovering it, our Identity Discovery workshop is for you.

Problem Discovery Workshop

Many times, companies get stuck fixing surface level problems. And it never works because the wrong problem is being solved. Before attempting to solve, we must find the right problem. And it is not easy.

Traditional techniques such as “Root Cause Analysis” and “Five Why’s” have attempted to do this, these fall short.

When discovering problems, the iResilience way, we begin with highly visible failed outcomes and conclude with near invisible deep underlying imbalances in values.

Solution Discovery Workshop

There is a place for even the best ideas that fail to solve problems. The waste bin. The biggest challenge faced when trying to implement solutions to problems is lack of buy-in.

The Solution Discovery workshop can help you get rid of trying to force executors to implement solutions created by others. Instead, you can leverage the combined thinking, experience, and expertise of the executors and problem solvers to collectively develop and implement the right solutions.

Executive Coaching for Individuals

It is common to assume that only well-known successful people engage coaches. That one first attains success and then gets the coaching one needs. On the contrary, successful people used a coach to get to where they are now.

If you are willing to be guided and to break through the barriers that stand in your way to define and navigate your success story, you are poised to get true value from our one-on-one coaching sessions.

Executive Coaching for teams

Here’s a challenge for you - Can you name an Olympic Team which has won Gold without a coach?

There isn’t one.

Why do you think that is?

A Coach helps a team reach its potential and even surpass it. And just like in the Olympic teams, talented people come together in an organization to help it perform at its peak and, in the process, become better themselves.

In today's fast paced world, surviving is not enough. Your team needs to thrive and executive coaching will help your team do just that.