When Success Fails You

Ever wondered why so many people who appear to be successful are actually miserable? Or why success does not last for most and why almost everyone seems to be on a never ending pursuit of success? As if success is an event that will happen in the future and never in the here and now.

Truth be told, we have been lied to about success. In fact it is more accurate to say that we have been fed half-truths when it comes to success. Uni-dimensional success, fleeting success or unattainable success has become the norm, and SUCCESS is treated like an event or an occurrence rather than a continual state of being.

Our personal goals are mostly set up in a way that brings misery rather than fulfilment.

Here are some ways that success fails us:

Your pursuits are unidimensional – looking at others’ success fixates
us only on the visible.

Your success can lead to misery when you have
paid too high a price for success.

You believe success is no longer worth pursuing.

You settle for mediocrity.


Gain clarity on what true success looks like for you

Your personal goals can act like a guiding star on your success journey.


Enjoy an uncompromised life

When done right, your personal goals will lead to a deep sense of fulfilment.


Never be blindsided into regrets

Unidimensional goals will only lead to misery and regrets. Holistic success brings fulfillment.

Success Canvas Fundamentals

There are six dimensions to fulfilling success. Leaving even one out leads to misery and regrets. Remember that when setting your personal goals.

Each of the six dimensions needs to be in a state of balance with the others. An imbalanced canvas indicates an imbalanced life. Set your personal goals to remove such imbalances.

Success in each dimension happens in a natural and organic manner. It is always sensible and reasonable.

Success canvas is inherently intuitive. It encompasses all the facets of life.

Leveraging Success Canvas helps you build success that is fulfilling.

The Success Canvas

Success is typically attributed to the rich and famous. However, we usually see actors and sportspersons being miserable. But shouldn’t success lead to happiness and fulfilment?

The reason behind such misery is that the success they have is imbalanced and unidimensional.

Real success is multidimensional, and it needs to be in balance. Missing out on any dimension or letting one be out of balance will certainly lead to misery.