16 deadly sins to watch out for

Each of the 8 principles has an extreme, a way of putting off the balance.
Ignore these at your own peril!


Make your Organization’s
strategy functional


Make your Organization’s
strategy actionable


Reap the benefits that matter
for your Organization

Bring your values to life

The word ‘values’ refers to the principles and standards that something or someone stands for. It is an often-used word in organizations when talking about the core and what drives them. Often, it is used in an abstract manner. But, essentially, values are supposed to drive action. So, they need to be actionable rather than abstract. A mere look at a company’s values charter should instil clarity on the validity of any action. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The values charter usually ends up being a document that lies in some folder in some backup of an organization. And even when it is printed and pasted on walls, it becomes like white noise, something that is there and not made much out of.